Sandblasting Kills

Worker with sandblasting gun‘Distressed’ denim has become a trend on the UK high street in recent years among both fast fashion and up-market designers alike. But faded or worn out patches on jeans are often acheived by using the deadly practice of sandblasting. Workers fire sand under high pressure at jeans, and this sand breaks down into fine silica sand particles, which workers inhale and this often causes the fatal lung disease Silicosis. In Turkey alone, 47 former sandblasting operators are known to have died as a direct result of sandblasting related Silicosis. Over 1000 workers have been diagnosed as having the disease, but doctors suspect that as many as 5,000 Turkish workers may be suffering from unreported instances of this killer condition.

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Hundreds of supporters have taken action and companies have started to respond! See here for the latest details.


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